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Christine Weichselbaum’s passion for individuality in the matter of shoes came up about 30 years ago when she met the artist Tilman Knaus, who painted a pair of shoes for her. As Christine loves unique things and is also active in the field of arts since 1988, she began to design coloured shoes in 2010.

A young student from Brazil (I. Malz) was an important factor for the further way. He created the brilliant name/brand “Schunikat“ (which contains the words ‚Schuhe“ and „Unikat“) and he gave Christine the needed motivation and support to launch the product on the market and show it to the public.

To design and create these shoes (that are usually a bulk product) in a creative and individual way became a high passion – so Christine.

Every shoe that leaves Christine Weichselbaum’s manufactory is a personal unique product – a fashionable statement for everyone with love for unique and authentic art.

Christine Weichselbaum
Product Development